Anderson, C.A. (1997). 

Effects of violent movies and trait irritability on hostile feelings and aggressive thoughts. 

Aggressive Behavior, 23, 161-178. 

The General Affective Aggression Model (Anderson, Deuser, & DeNeve, 1995; Anderson, Anderson, & Deuser, 1996) suggests that violent movies may increase aggression by increasing hostile feelings and the accessibility of aggressive thoughts. It also suggests that trait hostility may similarly influence affect and cognition. Experiment 1 explored the effects of viewing violent movie clips on affect and cognition. Participants who viewed a violent movie clip later reported higher levels of state hostility than did those who viewed a nonviolent clip. Experiment 2 added trait hostility to the design as a potentially important individual difference variable. The state hostility results of Experiment 1 were replicated. In addition, the relative accessibility of aggressive thoughts was increased by the violent clip, but only for low irritable participants. Discussion focused on the relevance to aggressive behavior.

© 1996 by Craig A. Anderson.

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