Anderson, C.A., & Dill, K.E. (2000). 

Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in the Laboratory and in Life. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,78, 772-790


Two studies examined violent video game effects on aggression-related variables. Study 1 found that real-life violent video game play was positively related to aggressive behavior and delinquency. The relation was stronger for individuals who are characteristically aggressive and for men. Academic achievement was negatively related to overall amount of time spent playing video games. In Study 2, laboratory exposure to a graphically violent video game increased aggressive thoughts and behavior. In both studies, men had a more hostile view of the world than women did.  The results from both studies are consistent with the General Affective Aggression Model which predicts that exposure to violent video games will increase aggressive behavior in both the short term  (e.g., laboratory aggression) and long term (e.g., delinquency).

© Copyright 1999 by Craig A. Anderson & Karen E. Dill

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